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Here is a network map of TB spreading in a community.  The map is from actual contact tracing data in the community gathered by the CDC.  The CDC is currently using this approach in Ohio where one of the Ebola infectious nurses(who had treated a visitor to Dallas who had Ebola and died) travelled recently.

The PDF in the blog post explains how/why the CDC uses network analysis to go along with contact tracing to track diseases that spread via human contact.

Valdis Krebs
Orgnet, LLC

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> Dear SOCNet members, 
> Does anybody have a network visualization mapping the 2014 ebola epidemic? I am looking for an illustration of the contagion/diffusion process as part of one of my lectures in an introductory course on SNA (2nd year undergrad). I'd be most appreciative for any useable graphs - which will (of course) be credited, and which will not be published on any publicly accessible online repositories or used for research purposes. 
> Please email me directly at [log in to unmask] Thanks in advance!
> Kind regards, Julie 

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