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The Network/Triads Census provides the number of different kinds of triads as below. The number of "003", "012", and "102" counts the number of triads that have "no connections," "a single directed edge," and "a reciprocated connection" between two nodes. 

However, it does not count the number of mutual dyadic ties and asymmetric dyadic ties in a network (Does not involve a third node). 
Any suggestions?

Thanks you, Qian

LOG FILE Table of counts of each triad type. For each triad consisting of vertices A,B,C these are

003 = A,B,C, empty triad.
012 = A->B, C, triad with a single directed edge.
102 = A<->B, C, triad with a reciprocated connection between two vertices.
021D = A<-B->C, triadic out-star.
021U = A->B<-C triadic in-star.
021C = A->B->C, directed line.
111D = A<->B<-C.
111U = A<->B->C.
030T = A->B<-C, A->C.
030C = A<-B<-C, A->C.
201 = A<->B<->C.
120D = A<-B->C, A<->C.
120U = A->B<-C, A<->C.
120C = A->B->C, A<->C.
210 = A->B<->C, A<->C.
300 = A<->B<->C, A<->C,  complete triad.

From: Bruce Cronin [[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2014 7:12 PM
To: Qian Hu
Subject: RE: UCINET Question: Counting mutual ties

In version 6.474 if is Network/Triad Census



From: Qian Hu
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2014 7:02 PM
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Subject: UCINET Question: Counting mutual ties


Is there a function under UCINET that can simply count the number of mutual dyadic ties and asymmetric dyadic ties in a network?

It seemed that the old version had dyadic census function but I cannot find it in the current version of UCINET software. 

Thank you. 

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