I have been asked about retaining raw materials in Records.  I have done research on product liability to determine amount and retention period, but have not found anything solid as of yet.  It left me with more questions than answers, so I thought I would come to the professionals.  If you have a program to keep items such as raw materials, packaging, literature, etc. that would help in a product liability issue, can you help out?  Or even if your company does it outside of the Record Retention realm?  Here are my questions.

If you have a program to retain materials, how much of a material sampling do you retain?
How long do you retain it for? ( I would think it would be something like life of product plus additional years?)
Do you retain more than just the raw materials?  If so, what else?
Where is this all kept or managed from?  Records retention or in a different area of the company?

You can shoot me an email or give me a call, whatever works.  Any assistance you can provide will be so greatly appreciated.  But don't be surprised if your answers leave me with 20 more questions. :)

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