Hi Ben,

Many folks here have offered great perspectives, and I share similar concerns with Brian and the others when opening up these 'personal spaces' to everyone.   I liken them to horizontal surfaces in the home - the more you have...the more stuff that will accumulate.

I assess these packaged services based on the specific business needs that will be met by using the product, their risk to the agency, and whether existing and established technology can be used to meet the stated business needs.  If all signs point to go, then I work with stakeholders to build policies so that the information can be managed.   We are implementing  OneDrive at the Authority for only a few particular use cases - those individuals who need to share large documents with external stakeholders and those who need to collaborate with external stakeholders since our firewall prevents them from collaborating using our internal systems.  Each user is provided a set of basic instructions that show them how to use the service, as well as a few points about their role in managing the information stored in their OneDrive Account.  Our IT department has set up an auto-purge routine (default 93 days - Microsoft's policy; not sure if this can be changed) so that this space can be used only for temporary transfer/collaboration. 

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