I don't usually allow solicitations on this listerserve, but this is a special
case which is closely aligned with the goals of the BEST Society and involves
BEST members who are putting sustainability into practice.

Alec Spaulding (2014 Intern, BioEnergy & Sustainability School, Soil & Water
Science, UF-IFAS) is working full-time onsite with a school/orphanage in Haiti
to develop sustainable strategies for feeding the fish in their aquaculture
farm. Reginald Toussaint (MS 2013, SNRE/SWS, and currently a PhD student in
SWS), a native of Haiti, is also working onsite to support various
sustainability initiatives at the school/orphanage. I visited with them onsite
myself for a week in October to advise and support the BEST work that they are
doing in Haiti.

Currently, the school/orphanage has to buy fish food which is a huge expense for
them, so they often don't have enough. They use the fish to feed 1,300
schoolchildren. This is the only protein that these children get and it only
amounts to a few grams a week. Alec has put together a crowd-funding campaign to
raise enough funds to cover 6 months of fish feed. You can see a brief video,
read more about the campaign, and make a contribution at:

Their goal is to raise $9,000 within the next 20 days. If a lot of people
contribute even a small amount, we can help them reach that goal.

Please consider making a contribution to feed the fish and the children,
and support the work of these BESTers.

Thank you for your support.

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