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This month, Swiss company, Mibelle Biochemistry won the 2014European Award for New Product Innovation Leadership for its discovery of SnowAlgae Powder. Snow algae scientifically recognized as Chlamydomonas nivalis is a species of greenalgae containing a secondary red caretenoid pigment (astaxanthin).Mibelle Biochemistry has been credited with discovering the usefulness of snowalgae as an active ingredient in anti-aging skin care products. The Snow AlgaePowder product stimulates the KL gene (which produces the enzyme Klotho, knownto be associated with anti-aging) by as much as 47%. The increase in Klothogenein the skin can help with DNA repair, detoxification of skin cells, and thecreation of a protective cover that restricts excess calories to the skin. Thepowder can also neutralize collagen degradation by forming a barrier againstcollagen destroying enzymes. 
Mibelle Biochemistry first isolates the snow algae strainand then cultivates it in bio-reactors to produce large quantities. The algaeare then harvested and the algae cell walls are disrupted so cellfragments can be encapsulated into liposomes. The algae are then spray-dried ona maltodextrin-based powder. Algae applications in the health and beauty sectorare important for helping the algae industry grow and potentially increasingthe value of algae-based fuel byproducts.  
PR Newswire. “Frost & Sullivan Honours MibelleBiochemistry for its Discovery of Snow Algae Powder, an Active Ingredient forAnti-Ageing Skin Care Products”Nov. 5, 2014. 


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