Hi All,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I noticed that we do not have a homework due this week. According to 
syllabus, "Weekly Review/Help Session. The teaching assistants have 
arranged a regular "workshop" Mondays at 5:10 pm, HPNP G103, to discuss 
homework and materials from the previous class. These review sessions 
will be held each week when there is homework due; on weeks without 
homework, a review session will be held only if requested by the 
students (requests should be submitted on the blog)."

So, I want to remind you the review session in tomorrow afternoon will 
be cancelled if I do not receive any requests from you by tomorrow 5 pm 
(either post on sakai or email would be fine).

I hope all you have a great break in thanksgiving in case we do not 
meet by next week.