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   One thing I have trouble understanding about the way these stats classes are set up is why we have a multiple choice final. The class seems structured around learning stats concepts and articulating those concepts in our write-ups. But, our final test does not reflect the work we do all semester. Why are we tested differently than how we are prepared all semester.

   I do enjoy the class and I really like blended learning. But, this is one thing I have a problem with, currently. Not looking to throw a fit, just wondering how it fits into the overall scheme.

Good question. The short answer is "this is explained in the syllabus". Please see the "objectives" table near the front fror an explanation of how each learning activity and assessment method is linked to each of Bloom's objectives.

Basically, you need to take different kinds of skills away from this course.  The assignments and homeworks (which are the lion's share) are measures of problem solving and application.  The exam is a measure of concept learning, and ensures that students remember or can find (exam is open-book) information. It's also a way of ensuring accountability for lecture and reading content that may not have been covered in weekly exercises.

I hope this helps, Michael