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Sent: Friday, November 21, 2014 1:18 PM
To: Michael Marsiske
Subject: UF Online Faculty Evaluations Now Open

To: All instructors with open or pending evaluations


The standard schedule for the majority of evaluations of on-calendar sections is as follows:

  *   Tuesday, Nov 25 - evaluations open
(following the last day to drop a course without a failing grade)

  *   Friday, Dec 12 - evaluations close
(on the day prior to the final exam period)

  *   Thursday, Dec 25 - results are available to instructors and administrators
(after final grades are released)

The evaluations team highly recommends that you log onto the evaluations system before the evaluations period begins to ensure that your sections have been properly set up to be evaluated. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact your Department Evaluations Administrator.

Your participation in the evaluation process can greatly improve student response rates and enhance the validity of such feedback. Below are some widely accepted best practices for increasing feedback:

  *   Post the URL for online evaluations in a prominent location on your course home page.
  *   Post on the class discussion board and email the class listserv the date evaluations become available and the URL where they are found.
  *   Explain in class and in the emails to the students why the evaluations are important; consider giving concrete examples of previous evaluations you have received and how they have affected the way you teach.
  *   Remind students before the evaluation period ends to submit their evaluations.
  *   If wifi is available, consider using class time for students to complete the evaluations. Students may use laptops, smartphones, or be excused to use a campus computer lab to complete their evaluations.
  *   Use the PDF "GatorRater tell us what you think" developed in the Provost's Office to impress on the students the importance of doing the evaluations. The PDF can be found on the Research and Online Resources<> page of the Faculty Evaluations information web site or visit this direct link: GatorRater PDF<>. You can also link to the PDF in your course material.
  *   Remind your students that the results of previous evaluations can be found online at for them to use when registering for upcoming classes.
  *   During the evaluation period, monitor response rates to see if your students are completing the evaluations. You can review response rates and the schedule for evaluations at any time by logging on at

By using any or all of these practices, you will increase the likelihood of more feedback from your students. To see more information on this topic please visit the Research and Online Resources<> page.


If you have any questions,
please contact us at
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