I graded the in class assignments, but there were several problems. A number of you will find zero scores assigned.  I am prepared to accept resubmissions, but you should contact me so I can enable these for you in Sakai

-          One person uploaded homework instead of in-class submission

-          One person uploaded LAST WEEK'S in class submission

If you did not include Question 3 (which everyone could do, since that didn't require AMOS), I assigned a grade of 0.  If you choose to do Question 3, I am happy to accept resubmissions through Friday at 5 pm.  (An exception is if your group did both Question 1 and Question 2 in AMOS).

NOTE:  I strongly urge you to do these AMOS problems - because you have an answer key to compare to, and you can make sure you're doing these right.

Until we find out about the license restrictions, please don't wait till the last minute to do the next homework!