Date:   November 6, 2014


To:       All UF Graduate Students, Coordinators and Staff


From:  UF International Center


RE:       11/18, 3 p.m.: Peace Corps Information Session – hear about opportunities and experiences with the Peace Corps


As part of International Education Week, the International Center will host a Peace Corps Information Session on Tuesday, November 18 from 3:00-3:50pm in the International Center. Hear from a panel of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers about their experiences and talk with Peace Corps Regional Manager Eric Zdanowicz and Regional Recruiter Chad Chernet about the application process!


RPCV Panelists & Moderator:


 Randall A. Cantrell, Assistant Professor, Housing & Community Development ‐ Nigeria, 1993‐1995

 Elizabeth Poulsen, M.S. student in Sustainable Development Practice – Niger, 2009 & Guatemala, 2010‐2013

 Hans Goertz, M.S. student in Sustainable Development Practice– Mozambique, 2007‐2009

 Lauren Strange, Study Abroad Advisor, UF International Center ‐ Kyrgyzstan, 2007‐2009

 Moderated by Jill Ranaivson, Study Abroad Advisor, UF International Center – Madagascar, 2004‐2006


Have your questions answered and find out if joining the Peace Corps is right for you. All majors welcomed!


Sponsored by the UF International Center.