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Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to consider the

Call for papers for the Workshop

«Art, networks, trajectories»

March 31st April 1st - University of Toulouse

Sociologists of art recognize the importance of networks concerning art
whether it be the production / creation, the diffusion or even the
consumption / reception of artworks. On the other hand, social network
analysis scholars have studied from sociability to markets, access to
resources, relational inequalities, the diffusion of innovations,
scientific production... but little attention has been given to artistic
activities. A special issue on "Art and networks" has been released in
Spanish in the journal *REDES* ( and in
French in the review *Sociologie de l'Art* on this joint topic. The works
presented in them concern the artistic domain and use the methods of social
network analysis. The workshop proposed has the intention to pursue the
crossed fertilization between these two fields of research.

The aim is to articulate art, networks and trajectories. Works presented
can concern two out of the three concepts. We expect empirical propositions
on: the trajectories of participants in art worlds ; esthetic movements
studied with a network approach; the relation between different forms of
prestige and fame and networks. Less structural approaches could also be
included such as how interpersonal acquaintance may play a role in the
creation, spread, recognition processes whether they concern an art work,
an artist or an artistic movement, even the emergence of an artistic
activity in some territory. The role of interpersonal networks on the art
market, on migrations of artists and more broadly on different participants
in art worlds would be other possible topics. From another angle concerning
artistic productions: what can we learn from artistic representations /
productions that include social networks questions or tools? How do artists
use the concepts and tools of social networks analysis? How do they
integrate them in the process of creation or in the final form of art

All these questions can be also developed in the field of entrepreneurship
that can be compared with creative activities in different ways. The
activities and trajectories of inventors or entrepreneurs, for instance,
have been the object of many research works. Their results can inspire -
and be inspired by - the comparison with artistic activities.

The workshop is part of the activities of ReSTo (social networks in
Toulouse) a multidisciplinary (sociology, economy, history, geography,
mathematics, computer science...) group of researchers who gather twice a

Propositions should be sent by December 30th 2014 to the address:

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A selection of papers will be published in English.

On behalf of the organizers,

Martine Azam, Nathalie Chauvac, Ainhoa de Federico

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