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As part of a research project, I am interested in comparing how social connections between people within a country differ around the world. I am looking for data from a relatively recent year, that ideally would also be longitudinal, in order to compare across countries through time (although I would settle for snapshot).

I am mainly interested in networks that help an individual achieve an end goal (either for social or economic benefit), that for example might share information, opportunity, or access to particular resources.

The sort of data that would be of use to us might include:

- The number of people participating in a particular kind of social network (whether online or otherwise), or having access to 'useful' information, opportunities or resources
- The average number of connections of people in that country (within whatever network they are part of)
- Demographic data that shows how network participation and access to information, opportunity or resource varies by different kinds of groups (e.g. gender, age, ethnicity)

I realise the request is somewhat broad, but I would be grateful for any suggestions you think might fit the ask.

Many thanks in advance.
Chris Thoung, RSA

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