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I am looking for other researchers in higher education governance (not the education side, but the policy and governance of HE) who are using an SN perspective. I recently started a new research project as the local SN researcher and I want to swap some ideas around with any (growing) experts in the HE field interested in SN (NOTE not higher education researchers but really someone who knows at least a bit about SNA as I have many experts in HEG around me nowJ).


I have already went through the SOCNET archives and a number of Sunbelt conference participant lists, done the usual scholar lit reviews but have come up a bit empty handed in locating others working on similar RQs. Would sincerely appreciate any contacts for nerdy HEG and SNA chats (virtual or otherwiseJ) and future potential collaboration.


Thanks in advance.




Julie M. Birkholz

Postdoctoral Researcher

Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent (CHEGG)

Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium



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