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As many of you know, at Northeastern we launched the first doctoral program
in Network Science this year. We have a terrifically talented first cohort
of students, and would like to have another talented group starting next
year. So: can you pass along to interested parties? and feel free to reach
out to me if you have questions.



NETWORK SCIENCE The PhD program in Network Science at
Northeastern University is a pioneering interdisciplinary program that
provides the tools and concepts aimed at understanding the structure and
dynamics of networks arising from the interplay of human behavior,
socio-technical infrastructures, information diffusion and biological
agents. Students will be able to work with some of the most prominent
network scientists in the world and can participate in cutting edge
research activities and work with unique large-scale network datasets.
Network Science is a truly interdisciplinary field and the students will
interact and work with members of the network science community
representing a wide range of fields, including computer science,
information science, complexity, physics, sociology, communication,
organizational behavior, political science, and epidemiology. Northeastern
University is a world leader in Network Science, with prominent faculty in
the field such as Albert-László Barabási, Alessandro Vespignani, David
Lazer, and Alan Mislove, dozens of faculty affiliated with the program, and
multiple centers and labs with scores of researchers. A key element of the
program involves careful mentoring from these faculty, and rapid
involvement in the cutting edge research taking place at Northeastern. The
initial tracks will be focused on the physical sciences; social sciences;
health science; and computer and information sciences. The program is
structured around foundational courses in Network Science (Complex Networks
and Applications, Network Science Data, and Dynamical Processes in Complex
Networks), and gateway courses tailored to the relevant tracks. The
curriculum is supplemented with additional courses from the relevant
domains. Admissions We expect applications from talented students from
around the world with strong interdis­ciplinary interest with a bachelor’s
or higher degree. Application materials will include: · transcript(s) ·
personal statement · three letters of reference · general GRE examination
scores · in the case of international students, proof of English
proficiency (TOEFL exam with a minimum score of 100 or a degree earned at
an institution where English is the medium of instruction) Financial aid We
offer a generous complete package for the first year that includes a full
tuition waiver, full medical coverage and a competitive yearly stipend
provided the student remains in good standing at the end of the academic
year. Career path Network Science is establishing itself as major
inter­disciplinary research area with applications in data science and data
analytics methodologies. Network scientists are employed in academia,
government, and business. Applied network scientists work at Internet and
social media companies. The deadline for applications is February 1, 2015
Application and contacts web: e-mail:
Mark Giannini, at [log in to unmask]

Application and contacts

e-mail:  Mark Giannini, at [log in to unmask]

David Lazer
*(pronounced as if it were Lazar)*
Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Computer and Information
Science, Northeastern University
Co-Director, NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks


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