Ft. Clinch jetty beach: This morning, two Savannah sparrows flushed from the
high beach wrack and resettled a short distance away. Viewing them through
binoculars, they were distinct in plumage and hue. One a typical Savannah,
the second much paler and larger. See Flicker link below.  Is the second
bird an Ipswich form of Savannah or just a pale version of the
"run-of-the-mill" beach savannahs?


At the larid roost, Ring-billed gulls dominated with Laughers a close second
with no Franklin's detected. Oddly, no Great or Lesser  black-backed were
present. Total nos. occupying the roost were highest for the season. One
flock of Black Scoter passed south offshore but no Northern Gannet were
detected over the ocean. A banded Royal tern carcass was found in the wrack
and a BBL report indicated it was banded as a chick on 7/13/2000 at
Crisfield, Accomack Co. VA. fourteen years ago!


Patrick Leary 

Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Nassau Co. 

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