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Regarding taking CRM exams 1 through 5, when you sat for your exam, did any of you take more than 1 exam during an exam period. If so, how many did you take, did you find it manageable, and would you recommend doing so?>

Phil, everyone will have a different response to this.  There are RIM "rock stars" out there that have taken all five parts in a day and passed - I wouldn't recommend that though as your head might explode.  I believe there a multiple days you can take the exam during a period, so I think you could take all five in a week without taking more than two in a day.

Ultimately, it depends on how fast you want to complete the process, your test prep requirements, your level of test anxiety, your ability to intensely focus on the content for hours, etc.  I personally wouldn't recommend more than two parts in one day, but there will certainly be differing opinions.

Good luck and congratulations for taking it on!!!

- Brett

Brett Wise | Records Manager | Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

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