Please comment on these views of an RRS from different levels, and add any

points at any levels you choose:

The Purpose of a Records Retention Schedule:

At Ground Level:

       Tells staff how long to retain their records.

At 5,000 feet:

       Ensures that records are retained for as long as they are needed

for operational purposes.
       Ensures that records are retained for as long as needed for audit, 
litigation, and investigation windows, as well as contractual obligations.
       Ensures that records are retained for the periods as required by

any government regulations that apply to them.
       Ensures that records are retained no longer than needed for all of 
the above-stated purposes.

At 10,000 feet:

       Shows that the organization destroys its records systematically as 
part of its normal course of business, providing legal cover in audits, 
litigation, and investigations.

At 20,000 feet:

       Reduces cost.
       Reduces risk.
       Helps protect your assets and reputation.

Thank you,

Gary Link
Pittsburgh, PA
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