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The alliance between four leadingresearch universities in Walesknown as the GW4 is hoping to use algae to harvest precious metals whileproducing biofuel at the same time. The GW4 in collaboration with PlymouthMarine Laboratory, the Coal Authority (a branch of the UK government), and Veolia(a waste, water, and energy company) is hoping to grow algae in a laboratorysetting off of untreated mine water from the Wheal Jane tin mine in Cornwall, Wales.This research hopes to discover whether or not algae are able to removeelements such as arsenic, cadmium, and other metals that can be recycled forthe electronics industry. This sustainable process takes contaminated water andyields clean water, valuable metals, and fuel. Growing algae off mine waterwill allow for a cheaper and more productive method of mine water remediation.

 University of Bristol. “Algae CleansMine Water” December 5, 2014. LaboratoryEquipment.com  Thanks for reading, Brett Nelson

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