Hi all:  Thank you for completing the PHHP November survey.  The results, collated across all PHHP blended classes, are attached in both text and powerpoint.  In general, I'd say impressions were positive and improved over the semester, although a few specific dimensions ended up a bit lower than (the initially high) expectations.  A number of helpful comments were provided, and I tried to summarize these thematically.  Note that students reported spending a little more than 10 hours a week on activities associated with their classwork; although some students had workload concerns, this time estimate falls pretty well within the expectations (9-12 hours) that we have for 3-credit classes.

Some changes I'll make (and have already begun implementing) are: (a) provision of a mini in-class summary at the start of each class, (b) at the beginning of the semester, providing students more realistic estimates of time needed, (c) providing student generated "tips" for how to succeed in a course like this.

We'll implement a number of lecture related changes, as early as next semester ( (e.g., CLP 6528 and CLP 7525, Spring 2015). Lectures will be broken into, or continue to be broken into, chunks, but it will be organized more like HIPAA or CITI training.  You will only see the first module, and have to take a brief quiz about it.  (Moreover, that module will initially ONLY be provided in video format with transcript, not powerpoint).  After you've VIEWED/LISTENED to each module, and passed the mastery quiz, you can "unlock" the next module and , ultimately, the Powerpoint with transcript. We'll also change learning management system (Canvas) and video rendering program (Camtasia), which should provide some of the additional features (like "scrubbing") that some of you have requested.

I am going to contact some of you individually. I'll basically take a random draw of you, and request a brief meeting to discuss your specific recommendations for improvement to (a) slides, (b) group formation and group processes, (c) motivation and accountability for individual preparation, (d) out of class review opportunities (e.g., review sessions, discussion board, chat, etc). I'll schedule these next week, but for dates to occur AFTER the final exam.

In closing, I'm committed to continuous improvement, and I thank you for your help. There are a few students who HATE online lectures or hate MY online lectures ... and we will not be able to make them happy.  If you're one of them, please make you - and me (I can read non-verbals!) - happier and take future courses with other instructors. If you need help selecting other courses, please get in touch, and I'll be happy to advise.

Thanks again for this very helpful feedback!