Hello everyone,

There is no formal station night this week, but I expect to be up there for
a bit Thursday night at 7:30.

However, I could use some help for anyone on the list, from the comfort of
your own station. We are looking to replace the wire antennas that were on
the roof. We had a 40/80 meter trapped dipole on the roof before. We want
to plan on what to use to replace it. What bands are of most interest to
you? We have about 200' to work with (so just short of a 160 meter dipole,
but a 160/80/something else trapped dipole might work).

So given the space on the roof, what should we put up? We can put up a few
antennas, with our antenna switch. Let me know by tomorrow night. If you
are up at the station we can discuss it then.


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