Date:     March 31, 2015


To:          All UF Graduate Students


From:    UF LOGRAS (Latino-Hispanic Organization of Graduate Students)


RE:           4/17/15, 8 p.m.: UF LOGRAS First Year Anniversary & Elections Social Event



The UF Latino-Hispanic Organization of Graduate Students (LOGRAS) is hosting an Election-Potluck Social event at 8 p.m. (April 17, 2015) at the Corry Village Commons room. Come join us at our first year anniversary potluck celebration for music, dance lessons, food, and great networking!


The time is here! After a successful first year, it’s time to celebrate and fill new vacant e-board positions for the Fall of 2015. With the support of student government funding, it’s now up to you to further expand LOGRAS presence and impact here at UF. If you are determined and interested in nominating yourself for any of the positions listed below, send us an email ([log in to unmask]). Please include a brief paragraph stating your qualifications for the position by April 10. Mentoring and promoting the success of incoming graduate students is a team effort and we ask for your participation!


Throughout the night we will be taking votes for the new e-board positions. In order to make our potluck dinner a success you are encouraged to bring a side dish. You are also encouraged to bring your own beverage (BYOB), sodas and water will be provided.


Positions:    President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Mentoring Director, Community Service Chair, Historian, Secretary, Public Relations Director, Events Chair.  


Position Descriptions


President: The President(s) shall preside at all meetings of the organization and shall coordinate the work of the officers and committees.  The President shall also be responsible for registering the organization with the Department for Student Involvement and for completing office/cubicle logs.


Vice President: The Vice President shall serve as an aide to the President and shall perform the duties of the President in her/his absence. 


Secretary: The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings and shall perform other duties as delegated.


Historian: The Historian shall document all the activities and maintain the social media webpages.


Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the LOGRAS; shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures; shall pay out local funds in accordance with the approved budget as authorized by the organization. 


The e-board will also appoint other officials including but not limited to:


Mentoring Program Chair: The Mentoring Program Chair shall coordinate the matching of mentors and mentees and keep record of all subsequent mentoring relationships.


Community Service Chair: The Community Service Chair shall coordinate will coordinate a selected number of outreach opportunities within the community every semester.


Marketing Chair: The Marketing Chair shall assist in creating advertisements and promoting events sponsored by the organization.


Social Chair: The Social Chair shall coordinate and assist in setting up all events.


If you want to assume any of these positions or would like to assist the organization in any other capacity, please notify us ([log in to unmask]).