Greetings All:


Please go to to register for GTA professional development workshops as soon as possible.  If you plan to attend “Canvas Boot Camp” from 9am-12pm this Friday (8/21) or the “Teaching/Assisting with an Online Course - Part I” from 2-3pm also this Friday, you must register immediately.  In order for you to get the most from the workshops, we need to set up a “sandbox” for you and it takes several hours to do that.  Both of the Friday workshops are on the use of Canvas.  Boot camp is more intense and covers the mechanics of Canvas.  Teaching/Assisting with an Online Course (TA Institute) will begin on Friday but you will complete the workshop on your own at home over the next few weeks.  While there is some overlap, the objectives of the two are different and you would benefit from completing both if you have time for both this semester.


Questions?  Call me at the number below.




Winnie Cooke


P.S.  The purple handout in your Orientation packet with the many workshops listed and the online schedule at the above link show the correct schedule of workshops.


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