Date:     September 8, 2015


To:          All UF Graduate Students


From:    UF Career Resource Center


RE:          Fall 2015 UF Career Resource Center Workshops



The UF Career Resource Center is offering the following workshops.


The following are programs geared towards graduate students:

·         So You Want to Explore Industry? September 14th from 4-5

·         Personalizing Your Personal Statements October 21st from 4-5

·         So You Want to Work in Academia? October 26th from 4-5

·         Developing Your Academic Job Search Documents November 5th from 4-5

·         The Academic Interview November 9th from 4-5


The following are programs geared towards international students:

·         International Students and the Job Search September 15th from 4-5pm

·         International Students Interviewing for Success September 17th from 4-5pm

·         CPT, OPT, and OPT-Stem Information Sessions (4 Sessions)

o   September 21st from 10:30am-12pm, 2-3:30pm;

o   September 22 from 10-11:30am, 2-3:30pm

·         Transitioning to an Employment Based Visa: Featuring Attorney Aaron Blumberg November 4th from 4-6:30pm