Date:     January 9, 2015


To:          All UF Graduate Coordinators and Staff


From:    UF Graduate School


RE:          Last Call for Spring 2015 Admissions!



Spring 2015 drop/add and late registration ends this coming Monday, January 12, 2015.


By that time, the Graduate School deems that all student schedules and faculty class loads ought to be finalized for the term, for programs on the standard academic calendar, so if your program is running by the standard academic calendar, and you still have Spring 2015 applicants who need Graduate School approval for admission, please wrap up those cases as soon as possible, as the Graduate School does not typically approve admission for a semester once its drop/add and late registration period is over.


If your program is off-book or running by a different calendar, with a later start date than the standard academic calendar, please identify that start date in the “Comments” field on the applicants’ E-Referral screen when you are ready to approve, if those applicants need Graduate School approval for admission.


Please remember: No acceptance letter is to go out to any applicant until his/her E-Referral screen says “Admitted” under “Status.”


If you have any questions, please e-mail Program Assistant Gregory Orloff at [log in to unmask].


Thanks much! May your spring semester be peaceful and productive!