Date:      January 20, 2015

To:        Chairs/Directors, Graduate Coordinators and Graduate Staff, Deans, Associate Deans

From:      R. Paul Duncan, Senior Associate Dean

RE:        Entry of supervisory committees in GIMS

The Graduate School has made a significant change in the Graduate Information Management System (GIMS) regarding the entry of supervisory committees and their members.

Academic Units will now be able to enter partial committees in GIMS in the usual way by bringing up the student’s record and going through the “Change” button on the student’s degree segment for which the supervisory committee is being entered. This will assure that the GIMS data reflect faculty participation on student supervisory committees even prior to the full and formal establishment of the committees.  Previously, GIMS was not structured to allow input of incomplete committees.  We have made this change because other systems in the University such as the Instructor Workload system and the Faculty Tenure & Promotion system depend on being able to pull current data regarding faculty participation on supervisory committees from GIMS.

Academic Units are strongly reminded that for graduate students, the establishment of a COMPLETE supervisory committee, composed of eligible graduate faculty members in the committee roles required for their degree program remains a critical academic milestone.  Graduate students will not be cleared for graduation without the achievement of this milestone.

To identify students who have incomplete committees entered in GIMS, units can navigate to Department Data -> Discrepancy Reports -> Committees with ineligible or incomplete membership.