Good morning and happy Friday!

Thanks to last year's ATP conference, our program was inspired to pilot a
"master" tutor/SI leader program this semester. We call them Senior Tutors
(5) and Senior SI Leaders (3). They are students who have worked for us for
2+ semesters; they had to apply and interview for this position. They are
the best of the best!

During their orientation in January, we asked them to brainstorm perks or
benefits that they would like to have in these leadership positions. One
idea was the opportunity for professional development.

We would like to find ways to provide PD opportunities for these leaders
with frugality in mind. I am hoping that some of you have some ideas on how
to do this, be it scholarships to attend conferences, relevant webinars,
on-campus speakers, to name a few. Our Seniors are planning to pursue a
variety of careers (e.g., medicine, business, engineering, teaching
languages abroad, etc.), and it is my hope that we can use PD to show them
how this job will translate to future employment.

Please share your thoughts; I would especially love to hear about centers
where these ideas have been successful!

Many thanks in advance,


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