Hi All,

We are a private, liberal arts college with approximately 3400
students. Our learning center is home to the college's peer tutoring
program, group help sessions, academic coaching services, and disability
support services - including testing accommodations.  We are currently
looking to purchase tutor management software, but are having difficulty
identifying one that is compatible with the type of tutoring we do.

Our center makes 800 tutoring matches annually, and provides over 7000
hours of peer tutoring per academic year.  Due to physical space
constraints, all peer tutoring is done off-site (e.g. not within our
center).  Students requesting tutoring assistance must complete an
application form and are then matched with a peer tutor.  Then the student
and tutor determine when, where, and how often they will meet each week for
tutoring. They sign a tutor contract that outlines the tutoring schedule
they have determined, as well as their responsibilities to each other. The
contract remains in force through the end of the semester, or until either
the tutor or student notify us that tutoring is no longer needed.

Following each tutoring session, the tutor logs an online report that
includes the following information:  date of session, start and end time of
session, a brief description of the material covered in the session, a
summary of how the student responded, and what assignment was given for the
next session, and any additional pertinent details.

We are seeking tutor management software that will allow us to enter all of
our peer tutors, their availability for tutoring (days of the week, times),
the course(s) they are authorized to tutor, the names of all students
assigned to that particular tutor, etc. We're hopeful that the software
will not only enable us to make tutoring matches based on the tutor and
student's availability, but will also allow us to track appointments kept,
no-shows, tutoring session notes, GPA information, etc.

Most tutor management software we have seen is geared toward centers that
have appointment-based tutoring within the center.  Can anyone recommend a
tutoring software program that meets the needs of a center such as ours?

Many thanks for your time and assistance!
*Janet Pinkham*
*Academic Success Center*

*Hope College *
Van Zoeren Hall 261
PO Box 9000
Holland, MI 49422
616-395-7830 (phone)
616-395-7617 (FAX)     pinkham* <[log in to unmask]>*

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