A little late, but I would like to weigh in, as well.  


The stated minimum ITTPC requirements for program certification for hiring
tutors focus on the subject or content expertise and are as follows (see
ing-program and look under the "Requirements" tab). Programs can choose to
require a minimum GPA in addition, but still need to be sure and show they
know their tutors meet the required minimum in the course or subject:


1.      Interview plus written approval of a content and/or skill instructor
AND/OR Interview plus endorsement of tutor trainer and/or supervisor PLUS at
least one of the following:

2.      Grade of "A" or "B" in subject content being tutored

3.      Documented experience equivalent to grade of "A" or "B" in subject
content being tutored

I found that some of my best tutors, were ones were struggling with subject
and content different from what they are tutoring or had struggled with
content in the past.  The tutors seemed to be able to connect with the
students struggling and shared frustrations and how changing to more
effective strategies benefitted them. I also found that sometimes the
students with the 3.0 or 3.5 GPA were not using effective study strategies
themselves, but found learning easy and fun or they are over-studying to
learn material and in some cases have more trouble understanding their
student's frustration.  


I always enjoyed having a diverse group of tutors with a variety of talents
and gifts. As Saundra stated, the GPA itself is often not a complete picture
of the students' abilities. 


Standards are important. I am not implying that the student applying should
be hired, just re-stating that there may be exceptions that could be


If the 3.0 or 3.5 GPA is an absolute requirement, the student could be
invited to apply again after raising their own GPA to the required level.




Rick Sheets, Ed.D.

LSCHE Co-founder & Webmaster

Former ITTPC Coordinator & Reviewer

Learning Assistance Center Director, Paradise Valley Community College, AZ


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OK.   I stand down.  I'm sure this is the right decision in this case, but I
still don't like hard and fast rules and cut-offs.  Every student's case is
different we need the human element to determine where the exceptions should
be made.


How did so many MBTI T types get into learning support? Where are the fellow
F's out there?  LOL!


Have a great semester!



PS  Please don't respond to this post on the list; it's gonna infuriate
people.  But feel free to respond to me off list at
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Saundra McGuire, Ph.D.

(Ret) Assistant Vice Chancellor  & Professor of Chemistry Director Emerita,
Center for Academic Success Louisiana State University


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