We do not make exceptions. If the student has below a 3.0, we recommend they focus on their own studies until they have pulled their GPA up.

Martin Golson
Director, Academic Support
Austin Peay State University

(931) 221-6553

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Subject: Hiring grad student with GPA under 3.0


We have a graduate student who is interested in applying to be a tutor. The applicant's GPA is below 3.0. While I know that this is a professional standard,  I am curious whether any have made exceptions based on individual academic record.

The current GPA is based on the applicant's first semester in graduate school (two courses). The student's undergraduate record--also at our school--shows strong performance in his/her major. If hired, the student would tutor in his/her major and field of graduate study.

I appreciate your feedback on this matter.


Barton Price

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