Please feel free to use or adapt my meta cognitive rubric that we used to both train tutors and measure the development of meta cognition on the part of the tutees. The rubric is available on the LSCHE site.

   Dorothy Williams 

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</div>Hi, all!

I am looking for recommendations of individuals who have experience providing metacognitive training to college-level peer tutors (with the goal of these tutors then employing metacognitive strategies with their tutees).  In particular, I am seeking someone who will be willing to travel to my campus to offer such training to groups of tutors in an interactive, day-long workshop setting.   The trainer will be compensated through grant funds already in hand.

Please feel free to reply to me on- or off-list with the names and contact information of any suitable individuals.  Thanks in advance for your responses!



Julie A. Haurykiewicz
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Lawrence University
711 E. Boldt Way, SPC 23
Appleton, WI 54911

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