Hi all,

I know there have been a few discussions going on about software for tutoring and academic support, but I was wondering if any of you utilize any systems that are also shared with other administrative departments. Here at Eastern Nazarene College, we are try to determine if we want to go with something only serve us in the center for academic success or if we want to go with something more comprehensive that can be effective institutional wide. We've been looking at GradesFirst, AskOnline, TutorTrac, etc... Since we handle advising for at-risk and probation students we are trying to see if we can find something that meets all our needs. If anyone could share about what you use and how that is utilized and an estimate of cost it would be very helpful! Feel free to respond to me directly.

Thank you,

David W. J. Restrick, M.A.
Academic Advisor
Center for Academic Success
Eastern Nazarene College
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