Hello Colleagues,

ACTLA has some exciting news regarding our upcoming conference in San Francisco, March 29  April 1.

Weve extended the Early Bird Registration<> to January 31! We understand that many of you are just returning to your institutions after the holiday break and need time to seek funding. We also understand that San Francisco is costly and would like to help keep your cost to a minimum. However, wed like to emphasize that this year in San Francisco will be unforgettable! So, register by January 31st!

Additionally, please see the attached newsletter to see some of what you can expect to see in San Francisco!

If you attended the ACTLA conference last year in Anaheim, you may recall a motivating presenter named Leonard Geddes.  Our members were so pleased with his session (based on the surveys we collected at the end of the conference), that we invited him to be our keynote speaker at the ACTLA/ATP conference in San Francisco. He has many years of experience in tutoring, working with student-athletes, teaching, providing learning assistance, and working with First Year Experience programs. Mr. Geddes has provided workshops at the Kellogg Institute, the Appalachian State University graduate program in development education, and regional conferences across the nation. Now, we are excited to have Mr. Geddes speak to us about his experience with transforming students, using metacognitive approaches, research, and innovative practices. You dont want to miss this!

If you have any questions about our upcoming conference, please contact Tabitha Villalba:
2015 ATP/ACTLA Conference
Tutoring: Building Bridges for Learning
March 29-April 1, 2015
Hilton San Francisco Financial District
Tabitha Villalba
Writing and Reading Center Coordinator
ACTLA President 2014-2015
Fresno City College
1101 E. University Ave.
Fresno, CA 93741
(559) 442-4600 ext. 8089

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