Hello Everyone,

I would love to get some suggestions on how to ensure that everyone who uses our tutoring services signs in.  Here is the context:

*         We have 'drop-in' tutoring rooms at various locations around campus.   These discipline-specific rooms are staffed by peer tutors and, sometimes, degreed professional learning specialists.  Any student may come to these rooms during open hours to ask for help.

*         We have sign-in clipboards that sit on a table near the entry way to the rooms.

*         The tutors know that we expect them to have every user sign in.

*         Tutors generally agree that many users do not sign in.

*         These rooms get very busy, sometimes with a 10:1, or greater, student: tutor ratio, so it is understandable that tutors sometimes fail to have users sign in during peak times.

*         There is not funding to have someone whose sole job is to make sure that users sign in.

*         We have asked the university for a swipe system, but that is still at least a couple years out.

*         We have been advised that putting some kind of a stand in the hallway outside of the room, or posting anything on the hallway walls, is a fire hazard.

Usage data is extremely important at our university so we would benefit greatly from capturing as many sign ins as possible.

All input will be appreciated!


Samuel Raskin, M.S.
Tutoring Coordinator
Student Academic Success Center
2264 Dutton Hall
UC Davis
1 Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 754-8385

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