Greetings, community,

I'd love to get everyone's thoughts on a matter that came up for me recently. I coordinate not only CSU-Pueblo's Writing Room (its writing center), but also its General Education Tutoring (GET) Center, where we provide weekly tutoring sessions to students enrolled in specific humanities or social science courses at the lower-division level. While presenting our services to a class today, I was faced with a question from one student who wanted to know if she could receive German tutoring while not enrolled in a German language course. I told her I was not in principle opposed to the idea but could foresee challenges with documenting and tracking these sessions (because we normally indicate the classes for which students receive Gen Ed tutoring). My supervisor also expressed concerns about whether this would be an appropriate use of our funds-after all, our German tutor could be assisting those who are actually taking German language courses.

Has anyone here dealt with similar situations? Feel free to share your stories and advice!

Chad M. Pickering, M.A.
Writing Room and General Education Tutoring Coordinator
Center for Academic Enrichment
Colorado State University-Pueblo
LARC 257
(719) 549-2756

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