Can someone, anyone direct me to literature supporting tutors, specifically repeat visitors?

I seem to recall reading a study that predicted, with some confidence, a successful grade (A, B, or C) after 5 or more tutoring visits. The same study or possibly another supporting this theory, noted a combined use of support services (e.g., tutoring, SI, workshops, mentoring, even online support) indicating a greater likelihood of academic success. These studies help to support the idea that academic support plays a significant part in student persistence and institutional retention.

While I may be confusing multiple studies, much of the focus in regard to incentives has more to do with expectations-on the part of students as well as support services. While student services are, for the most part, free and voluntary, they make a valiant effort to educate students on how to get the most of out of academic support:  come prepared, be an engaged and active learner.... Students, on the other hand, want/expect help when and where they need it, which generally is not during the typical work day and often times tends to be last minute.

Direct links and references will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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