Here is preview of the most recent article on The LearnWell Projects.  I think it covers a universal topic -- student motivation, but from a different angle.

My students just aren't motivated. If my students had the drive of other students, then they would be much better students.

These statements epitomize the most frequent comments I've heard from educators (college and high school).  While I don't fully agree with their premise -- that motivation alone will solve students' academic problems, I know it helps.

Purpose -- Students, like the rest of us, are more motivated when they see the reason for accomplishing the task. Appreciating the purpose in activities that have become routine, like going to class, can be challenging...

Mastery -- There is perhaps no greater motivator than success. Mastery experienced during the beginning and middle stages of acquiring knowledge and skills creates a desire to press on toward overall achievement...

Autonomy -- Students prefer to have control over their work. However, educators fear relinquishing control. They imagine a zero-sum game where either they or the students have authority over the class...

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