Greetings, all!

Currently, my institution allows students who place into English 099 (our highest developmental writing course) to enroll in English 101 with mandatory supplemental instruction if these students have college-level reading scores. This model is similar to ALP, except students do not have to co-enroll in a developmental English course.

Are there any institutions that do something similar? How do you staff the SI portion: with fulltime faculty, adjunct faculty, tutors, or peer instructors/tutors? Also, how do students pay for SI? Did you create a special course?

I'd appreciate gathering as many ideas and suggestions as possible.




Sarena J. L. Schott

Director of Developmental Education

Joliet Junior College

1215 Houbolt Road, Room D1004A

Joliet, Illinois 60431

(815) 280-6735

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