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Check out the new timely article from The LearnWell Projects: Five Tactics to Help Students Turn Their Day of Reckoning Into a Day of Redemption.


Many college students will face a "day of reckoning." This is a period in their academic experience when the weight of their academic shortcomings nearly crushes them. That day for some is when their study routine generates C's instead of A's. For others it is when they are placed on academic probation, dismissed from a program or worse. These are educational near-death experiences.

As in life when we outrun death by a fraction of a second, students who've come dangerously close to educational demise commit to making drastic changes going forward. Unfortunately, few actually live up to the promises they make while in the thick of trouble.

The problem with a day of reckoning is that the consequences are painfully clear in that moment, but the precursors to the past mistakes are not. So while we may genuinely intend to change, we really don't know what to change.

Days of reckoning are defining moments that make or break students...

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