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Hi all

I'm interested in multinational scholarly partnerships. This can take
various forms, ranging from organisations that encourage research and
training collaboration between authors from different countries, to
organisations that pool intellectual resources from different countries. It
can also take the form of standard co-authorship of individual articles or
larger research projects.

I've been searching for theories of why and how such scholarly partnerships
occur, but with limited success. I'm also interested in empirical studies
of such partnerships. I am particularly interested in understanding how
South-South scholarly collaboration might differ from North-North scholarly
collaboration (in the same way that much of the standard literature on
South-South FDI identifies different underlying problems, objectives, and
operational modes relative to FDI emanating from high-income countries).

If anyone could point me to relevant work in the area, I would be deeply

Many thanks,
Nimi Hoffmann
*Doctoral candidate, Institute for Socio-Economic Research, Rhodes

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