An additional application of SNA to stakeholder management:


de Nooy, W. (2013). Communication among stakeholders in natural resource management. Agreement between and disagreement within stakeholder groups. Ecology and Society, 18(2), 44-[online].


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Wouter de Nooy.


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Subject: Sustainability as a normative outcome and SNA


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Hi all-


Some colleagues asked me about preparing a course about network theory and research within a Sustainability curriculum.


"Sustainability" here means not just "being green," but something broader in the sense of organizations or social systems that create value today in ways that ensure the capacity to function in the future.  In my mind, it overlaps some with ideas about managing common goods as well as normative approaches to stakeholder managing.  Also, what some would call robust action.


Do any obvious or non-obvious links to research or research topics come to mind to this fine group?


Thanks as always!





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