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Dear Sir or Madam,


I  would like to make the below announcement that may be of interest to the members of SOCNET.  I wanted first to check with you if the announcement is fine and what is the best way to announce it.


Kindest regards,


Monica Ternero

Vernon Press

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Vernon Press is an imprint of Vernon Art & Science Inc. (Registration: DE 51097-00, EIN: 99-03733338)



Do you enjoy reading books in economics, social science, humanities? Join our community of book reviewers!

Vernon Press - a small independent publisher committed to excellence in scholarship - is seeking experts to join its community of book reviewers.

To join you must be an expert in economics, social sciences or the humanities, and be prepared to review at least one book every two years:

 Benefits of joining

To join please send a brief message expressing interest to: [log in to unmask]. In your message please mention your full name, academic affiliation, area(s) of expertise, and provide either a paragraph-long biographical note (and/)or a list of publications.





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