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Apologies for cross-posting.
This message is addressed to all members of INSNA and regards the
organization's official journal, Connections.

As a result of our effort to limit operational costs we have decided to
print and distribute copies of Connections, *only* to those members that
specifically request it.

To receive a copy of Connections within a week of this notification you
will need to log-in to your INSNA account :
go to
*Edit Profile*
at the bottom of that page indicate your preference for *receiving a paper
copy* or not.
If you have login problems please contact: [log in to unmask]

We will need this information by the 20th of January.  We will only
dispatch a copy to those expressly requesting one.  Please help us reduce
production costs while limiting your carbon footprint.  Do nothing :)

I take this opportunity to solicit high quality research articles, research
reports and datasets.  We are now registered to provide DOI numbers and
articles from now on will be available online soon after they are accepted
for publication.

34th volume

We anticipate the next issue to be available in time for the Brighton

Best regards


Dr Dimitris Christopoulos

Department of Public Governance & Sustainable Development
MODUL University Vienna

+44 796 858 1009

Editor, Connections


*Christopoulos, D. *‘Elite Social Capital and Regional Growth in European
Regions’ *European Urban and Regional Studies*, 2014, Vol. 21(3) 272-285.
DOI: 10.1177/0969776412445720

Walther, O., *Christopoulos, D.* ‘Islamic Terrorism and the Malian
Rebellion’ *Terrorism and Political Violence*, 2014 DOI:

*Christopoulos, D.*, Ingold, K. ‘Exceptional or just well connected?
Political entrepreneurs and brokers in policy making’ The *European
Political Science Review*, 2014 DOI: 10.1017/S1755773914000277 & copy:

*Christopoulos, D.*, Vogl, S. ‘The Motivation of Social Entrepreneurs: The
roles, agendas and relations of altruistic economic actors’ *The Journal of
Social Entrepreneurship*, 2014 DOI: 10.1080/19420676.2014.954254

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