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Dear SOCNET Members


I am using ORA Software (see McCulloh, Armstrong and Johnson's book "Social Network Analysis With Applications", or http://www.casos.cs.cmu.edu/projects/ora/index.php).


I input a 6-node, star network.

I ask for eigenvector centrality scores for all vertices.

Given the general description of what eigenvector centrality does, I expect the peripheral vertices to have high scores, and the central vertex to have a lower score.


The results are as follows:

Central vertex: -1.0

All other vertices: -0.4472136


My questions:

Why are the results negative?

Why does the central vertex have a higher absolute value (should the absolute values even be considered)?

Are the results at all interpretable in terms of eigenvector centrality; and, if so, how?


I am grateful for any assistance in resolving this conundrum.


Ion Georgiou



Dr. Phokion ‘Ion’ Georgiou

Full Professor / Professor TitularFundação Getulio Vargas (AACSB-EQUIS-AMBA accredited)



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