A couple of comments, Angela.

First, there are many definitions of the term "record", ranging from that in ISO 15489 to that provided by the US National Archives and Records Administration in the Code of Federal Regulations (working from my BlackBerry, can't provide the citation -- but if Larry Medina is still "on line", I'll bet he can).

You might remind the wet behind the ears (and nose) person that many people with better credentials than his (some of whom are even attorneys!!!) have worked on these definitions, so HIS (her?) opinion applies mainly to ‎himself. He reminds me of Father Jerome in the Brother Cadfael series....

Finally, you could ask him about his credentials for emitting opinions on astrophysics, the nature of god, and the correct pitch in the time of J.S. Bach. A law degree does not confer infallibility (if it did, we wouldn't ever need more than one lawyer, would we?), and really good attorneys are usually the first to say so.

Warmest regards from chilly New York.

Frederic J. Grevin
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