I recently read the tribute to one of our own that died of cancer.  From having kids in the medical field, I have heard them talking about a new cancer treatment that is in the clinical trial phase.  It is called “Anti PD-1 or Anti PDL-1”  and it is having amazing success.  Many are hoping the FDA will fast track this; but it is available for some who are in advanced stages as they are running clinical trials with it and it is amazing.

This treatment is for metastatic or fast spreading cancers which are exactly what you would want to stop first.  The best cancer treatment centers are aware of this but if we have someone in our family of records managers that could benefit from this, I wanted to mention this.

For those who fit the clinical trials the results are amazing.  I can’t tell you anymore than this as I don’t know anymore than this but any advance in cancer treatment is a Godsend.

Okay, I was just reminded that I am not genetically related to the records management family but more of a next door neighbor like “Wilson" on “Home Improvement’s” who is seldom seen but in every episode.  ;~) 

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