Hello Everyone,

I have a CRLA certification question (or two):

1) For my first time getting my program certified, do I need to stick with Level 1 only, or can I go ahead and shoot for Level 3? What do you suggest?

2) For Level 1 certification, I need to do 8 of the topics listed. To get level 2 certification, do I need to do a review of ALL of the Level 1 topics, or do I need to schedule time to review only the 8 topics I chose?

And, as a side question: Do any of you offer tutoring in a small space? We're currently growing out of our space (great!), and we'll likely be moving to a bigger room, but right now we take walk-ins in a smallish space. The only complaints we get are about the noise level. Is anyone else in this situation? How do you handle the noise level? We don't have the option right now to switch to 30-minute appointments (but I hope to move toward that in the future). 

Thank you!
Dr. Elishia Heiden

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