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If you want to send me the email with the posting information, I could post it on both websites for you.

From: Jamie Wiatrek [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2015 8:20 AM
To: Kathy Stein
Subject: CRLA Assistance - Job Posting

Ms. Stein,

Our department has a job opening for the Director of Academic Support.  We are having a difficult time receiving substantial applications and was reaching out to your organization to see if you have any list serves or suggested job search sites that we could advertise the position.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give us.

Jamie Wiatrek
Senior Administrative Assistant
to the Dean of Student Affairs
[cid:[log in to unmask]]
1001 Leadership Place  | Killeen, Texas 76549
Office:  (254) 519-5721 |  Fax:  (254) 519-8601
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