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Workshop on Standards and Practices in Large-Scale Social Media Research
Held in Conjunction with ICWSM 2015
26 May, 2015 - Oxford, UK

Call for Papers

A number of recent papers have raised concerns about methodological 
practices in large-scale studies of social behavior, particularly those 
using social media data. Unaddressed, such concerns could call into 
question much work being done by the research community. The goal of 
this workshop is to encourage constructive and informed debate on these 
topics with the goal of producing a body of peer-reviewed work and a 
working paper of methodological recommendations for the community.

Specifically, this workshop will consider methodological issues that may 
threaten the validity, reproducibility, and generalizability of 
large-scale social media research studies. Submissions are invited on a 
range of topics including:

- Constraints on and opportunities for data and code sharing
- Publication practices (e.g., paper length limits, standards about 
supplementary materials)
- Standards for statistical analysis
- Quantifying and accounting for platform specific biases (platform 
design, user base, platform-specific behavior, platform storage policies)

Accepted papers will be included in the ICWSM 2015 proceedings.

- Derek Ruths (McGill University)
- Juergen Pfeffer (Carnegie Mellon University)

Program Committee
- Michael Corey (Facebook)
- David Lazer (Northeastern University)
- Huan Liu (Arizona State University)
- Katja Mayer (University of Vienna)
- Takis Metaxas (Wellesley College)
- Markus Strohmair (University of Koblenz)

Important Dates
- March 1, 2015: Paper and poster submission deadline
- March 17, 2015: Paper decisions announced
- May 26, 2015: Workshop date

More information:


Juergen Pfeffer, Assistant Research Professor
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, USA

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