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Vernon Press is an imprint of Vernon Art & Science Inc. (Registration: DE
51097-00, EIN: 99-03733338)




Call for Book Proposals: New Series in Complex Social Systems


Vernon Press, a small independent publisher committed to excellence in
scholarship, is inviting book proposals for a new series in Complex Social
Systems. At this early stage the scope is necessarily broad and could
accommodate formal approaches to the study of complexity from across the
social sciences, including computational sociology, complexity economics and
system dynamics. We would particularly welcome proposals for books that seek
to introduce complex systems perspectives, approaches and methods to
advanced postgraduates, professionals and new researchers to the field. We
expect to launch the first titles in 2016 and maintain a publication
schedule of 2-4 titles a year.


Sample Topics 


Adaptive systems 

System dynamics and modelling

Agent-based modelling, Microsimulation

Novel data collection tools and methods

Big Data, Content analysis

Social network theory / analysis

Complex networks, Network design

Emergence, philosophy of complexity

Policy implications of complexity 


What we look for in a new book proposal


.             The book should be the product of original research and
scholarship. It may reflect an original idea or the application of an
existing idea to a new setting. Alternatively, it may draw from and unite
existing approaches into a comprehensive whole, resulting in a volume
suitable for reference or student instruction.

.             It should be in an area in which you are an expert in courtesy
of extensive study, research and/or professional experience. It should be of
a sufficiently high academic standard to stand the test of peer review.

.             It should strive to make a contribution to the field, enlarge
upon existing research, or fill a market niche. In all cases, it should be
of interest to a sufficiently large community of researchers and
practitioners to justify publication in book format.


Submission procedure


Please send a short book proposal (5 pages maximum) or extended abstract to
[log in to unmask] To speed up initial screening, you may include a
sample chapter, the full list of references and a list of your other
academic publications or a brief biographical note. If your proposal
interests us we will proceed with peer review. For more information see

About the publisher


Vernon Press is an eclectic publisher with a small but growing cache of
works in Economics and Sociology. We work closely with authors, academic
associations, distributors and library information specialists to identify
and develop high quality, high impact titles. Our recent launches include
critically acclaimed works such as George Chorafakis'  "The Knowledge
Plexus: A Systemic View on the Economic Geography of Technological
Knowledge"and Jose L. Torres' "Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic General
Equilibrium Models". We offer attractive terms to authors and strive to turn
around manuscripts quickly with only the necessary intervention.


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